EyE-Q asia Ltd together with EyE-Q Europe bv have a combined market experience of over 50 Years in design, manufacturing, distributing and operating and due to this complete market participation; is THE best source for Your OEM or ODM projects.
The management of EyE-Q understands the need for the fast turn-around of any new design so we established a state-of-the-art design team and proto-type department, which enables us to turn an idea in to a product ready for production in a minimum amount of time.
We completely understand the needs of our customers so EyE-Q is set up to be able to do small to medium and large production runs. Furthermore, EyE-Q understands the need for security of any design and product and therefore is Your trustworthy partner in Europe and in Asia.

EyE-Q specializes in:

  • Casino cabinet design and fabrication: for both upright and sit-down cabinets
  • Kiosk design and fabrication: for both information, banking and betting terminals
  • PCB design and fabrication.
  • LED signs like; seven segment, Alpha Numeric and Dot Matrix displays.
  • Casino and Arcade on line solutions including the to be launched “No Coin” arcade control system.
  • Plastic and metal injection molding design and fabrication.