Champion Hold-Em poker


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game instructions(PDF)

poker game(AVI)

PCB design and fabrication


EyE-Q has designed a digital to analog PCB with power distribution, 4 way audio amplifier, high security so the wiring throughout the machine can be simplified but more so, any PC can be used for the game design.


The system also includes all the peripheral parts software like; hoppers (upto 3) coin mechanism, bill validator, printer, LED lighting etc.






Wiring design and fabrication


Due to the new digital wiring PCB, the wiring from and to the boards is simplefied and of course the cost is much better as well as the delivery time. So, not that it looks much more professional, it also is an enormous savings on the assembly costs.






ABS injection molding design and fabrication


EyE-Q together with its partner company, has already designed and currently is designing several injection molds ranging from ABS, Acrylic, and other alike materials.







PU injection molding design and fabrication


EyE-Q has already designed and is currently producing several arm lean made by PU mold so our experience can and will save money due to a lower cost for the mold and production.







LED product design and fabrication


EyE-Q has already several items in production and several more in design at this moment. We can supply various LEDs from micro to normal size. Our quality is suburb due to our QC inspection and acceptance rates.